Botanical Soothing Toner (Professional 500ml / 16.9 FL OZ e)
108.00 108.00 SGD
A professional-grade aqua-based toner that gently soothes and relaxes your tired face with Aloe Vera, Cucumber and Witch Hazel extracts.
Hydra Balancing Toner (Professional 500ml / 16.9 FL OZ e)
98.00 98.00 SGD
A special toner blend with vital plant extracts that refreshes, hydrates and refines skin texture. Aloe Vera, Chamomile and Lavender extracts soothe the skin, while Willow Bark and Portulaca extracts provide anti-inflammatory properties. Witch Hazel, Japanese Green Tea and Cucumber extracts help to balance the skin and offers protection from free radical damage. Fragrance and alcohol-free, it is excellent for restoring skin essential lipids.
O2 Spritz (Professional 500ml / 16.9 FL OZ e)
108.00 108.00 SGD
A protective spray mist infused with oxygen-rich compounds to revitalize tired skin while unique UVA PRO protects all essential collagen and elastin from UVA (Aging) rays to prevent the formation of lines and wrinkles.
Vitamin C Spray - (Professional 500ml / 16.9 FL OZ e)
68.00 68.00 SGD
The 100% biologically active Pure Vitamin C is the basis of collagen synthesis, which protects skin from the damaging effects of UV radiation, pollutants, and other skin harmful environmental factors. Vitamin C also promotes skin natural renewal and inhibits melanin formation.
Cucumber Hydrating Toner (5 litres)
195.00 195.00 SGD
This large scale Cucumber Hydrating Toner in 5 liters is for the professional who needs it in large quantities. Soothing and hydrating, this simple toner still provides complex moisturizing and nourishing with Cucumis Sativus extracts that keep you refreshed throughout the day.
Witch Hazel Water (5000ml)
45.00 45.00 SGD
Our 100% natural witch hazel floral water is well-known for its tonic, astringent and purifying qualities. For all skin types, the proanthocyanidins stabilise collagen and elastin and work as superb antioxidants, while the other constituents are anti-inflammatory. Furthermore, it also helps to tone and purify skin in achieving a glowy and radiant skin. It is made with a unique steam distillation process to preserve active ingredients naturally. Suitable for face and body.
Peppermint Floral Water (5000ml)
42.00 42.00 SGD
Peppermint Water has a variety of benefits for dealing with hair and skin. Initially, its antibacterial and antiseptic properties are ideal for skin blemishes such as blackheads and preventing the accumulation of bacteria on your skin, providing its normal lucidity and sparkle.

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