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WISH Formula Fermented Active Serum M+ (180ml / 6.09 FL OZ e)

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WISH Formula Fermented Active Serum M+ (180ml / 6.09 FL OZ e)

A highly concentrated multi-functional fermented serum, the WISH Formula Fermented Active Serum M+ works specifically for improving skin tone, elasticity, and skin laxity. It helps to increase the skin's radiance and luminosity. In the long run, it will improve skin ailments. WISH Formula Fermented Active Serum M+ also provides good protective action for skin that has undergone laser or peeling treatments.


188.00 188.00 188.0 SGD


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    WISH Formula

    Wish Formula. A subsidiary of Cotterang Inc., its unique offering to the saturated skincare industry revolutionizes skin completely. Originally meant for Korean professionals, Wish Formula Program Cosmetics combines both various tools and patented technologies in its biological ventures to develop fermentation science that is used in both professional settings (Professional Line) and for the end consumer (Homecare Line). With more than 1,500 dermatologists in Korea swearing by Wish Formula, its comprehensive lines of chemical exfoliators, serums and masks are found in the common Korean’s beauty routine to the doctor’s tabletop. BeautywithPRO is an authorized distributor of Wish Formula offering unique Wish Formula products to SEA consumers not available at any other retailer.

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    Bio Peeling Programme

    Fermented Active Serum M+

    Suitable for 

    Skin troubleshooting, Whitening, Anti wrinkle and Glowing

    Product Feature

    Lactic acid components originated from yoghurt, which removes dead skin cells without causing irritation. Gold extract, phellinus linteus extract, licorice extract, wine extract, fermented active sources help to whiten and anti-oxidant the skin (lacto bacillus/fermented kudzu root extract, fermented soymilk extract, fermented yeast/apricot extract, fermented pumpkin extract) prevents melanin from forming and supply nutrition, which leaves your skin clean and shiny. It is a dual functional and highly concentrated serum which helps in whitening elasticity and wrinkles improvement. It increases skin radiances and transparency as well as making skin look moist, healthy and shiny.

    Skin Type

    For aging skin, dull skin and blemished skin

    Main Ingredients

    Clarico-Full Image

    What is chemical peeling?

    Chemical peels have been widely used by Dermatologists for over 50 years, and more recently, Plastic Surgeons and Estheticians are also providing these peels or their patients. Chemical peeling is a fundamental part of skin care therapy. A chemical peel is the process of applying chemicals to the skin with the intention of causing exfoliation, destruction, and/or inflammation of the skin in a controlled fashion. The depth and strength of your peeling agent will determine the amount of reaction in the skin. The level of penetration, destruction, and inflammation determines the level of peeling.

    What is fermentation of Bio Peeling Programme?

    Chemical peels are one of the most popular non-invasive cosmetic procedures performed to rejuvenate the appearance of the skin. It is a procedure based on the application of a chemical/enzymatic exfoliant to the skin to induce controlled necrosis (destruction) of the epidermis and/or dermis cells, leading to the removal of skin lesions/imperfections and improved skin texture. As part of the healing process, increased cell growth produces new, healthier skin layers beneath, which give the face a more youthful, rejuvenated appearance. Chemical peels can be applied to the face, chest, back or hands.

    The skin covers the entire surface of the body, and its functions include :

    • Protection

    • Sensory Perception

    • Immunologic Surveillance 

    • Thermoregulation

    • Control of Insensible Fluid Loss

    Therefore these functions must be repaired or restored as quickly as possible following a treatment procedure.

    Steps to Bio Peeling Programme

    What are the benefits of fermentation bio peeling?

    Follow-up after treatment

    Research has shown that the use of topical Vitamins C, Vitamin A and Growth Factor throughout the treatment and maximizes the results of skin rejuvenation procedure. This is to maximize peel outcomes, assist in speeding the healing time and reduces the risk of post peel complications. Start 2 weeks before the treatment and continue up to 3 months after the last session.

    Post peel recommendations

    • Treat the skin gently the first couple of days following the procedure

    • Avoid exposing skin to UV light and heat as much as possible

    • Always wear SPF product

    • Allow the skin to peel naturally

    • Use products with soothing ingredients but do not over moisturize

    • Avoid using washcloth, facial scrub or sonic cleansing brush

    Results before and after peeling treatments

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